Local San Francisco micro-cafe specializing

in mostly local, sustainable,and homemade ingredients.

farm : table

 Food Menu

Our MENU is Primarly Home Made, locally sourced, and we try to be sustainable. THIS MEANS WE OFTEN SELL THROUGH Items and the menu changes often

Side Items
 cheesy Hashbrowns $5.50
Side soft /hard boiled egg $2
Side scramble style egg $4
Side Sausage $5

ToTal Tot's $20
mini tot's topped with house sauce, Cheesy mix, chicken apple or hot link house made creme fraiche  and two eggs

Turkey brie Cranberry Crunch $19
Turkey, brie, house cranberry sauce, walnuts and Dijonase served with Greens

Croque Royal $21 Back On Friday
House made bechmel, sliced tureky, swiss and Jack cheese served with greens
*add avocado $2
*add Tomato $1
*add egg $2

Granola & Yogurt $14
HOuse made Yogurt, granola and Jam with fruit

Breakfast Sausage Sandwich $19
Chicken apple sausage or HOt link , 1950's cheesy hasbrown patty fluffy egg, house sauce on soft bun  served with greens.

AVocado Toast $15
avocado, egg, pickled VEggies served with Side of greens
*add bacon $5
*add chicken apple Sausage $5
*add pork Hot link $5
*add Tomato $1
*add Smoked Salmon $8

Daily Toast $14
House mascarpone, fruit and nuts

​​​Egg on Croissant $10
Egg, Cheese, house Sauce and  Greens
*Add Ham $2
*Add Avocado $2
*Add Tomato $ 1
​*add Salmon $8

  Salmon Toast $23
cold smoked salmon,house herb creme cheese, pickeld red onion, cucumbers, seved with greens

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich $19
Special vegan Breakfast sausage, tofu, avocado,  roasted tomato Sauce pickled red onion served with greens

Cheese n Ham
Good dog *add egg
Kid's menu:
*Kellogs Frosted Flakes
Ham and Cheese 
 Kids Nutella Toast
Egg n Cheese