Our MENU is Primarly Home Made, locally sourced, and we try to be sustainable. THIS MEANS WE OFTEN SELL THROUGH Items and the menu changes often

Side Items
Side soft /hard boiled egg $3
Side scramble style egg $4
Side Sausage $5

Pancake $14
Made to order with berries melted butter and maple syrup with scrambled Eggs

​Veggie Frittata with Side of greens $19

French Toast Sausage Square $19
house cheesy mix, chicken apple sausage or hot link thick bread abd 2 eggs with greens 

Salmon Toast $23
Cold Smoked salmon, house herb creme cheese, cucumber and pickled red onions served with Greens
*add avocado $3
​​​​Egg on Croissant $10
Egg, Cheese, house Sauce and  Greens
*Add Ham $3
*Add Avocado $3
*Add Tomato $ 1
​*add Salmon $8

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich
Special vegan sausage patty, 1950's hashbrown, house roasted tomato sauce tofu, touch of avocado  and red onion,

** intrested in private Tasting Breakfast for up to 6 persons
Email Us!

Cheese n Ham
Good dog *add egg
Kid's menu:
*Kellogs Frosted Flakes
Ham and Cheese 
 Kids Nutella Toast
Egg n Cheese




Local San Francisco micro-cafe specializing

in mostly local, sustainable,and homemade ingredients.

farm : table

F:T  Menu