Cafe Menu

Prices vary depending on local vendor prices.  Current pricing ranges from $6.75 to $14.00 for mains and $2.25 to $5.50 for pastry. Coffee prices range $3.00 to $7.35

House Cereal

Almonds, coconut, and seeds toasted to perfection,
hand mixed with organic  GF cereal and craisins served
along side house made yogurt topped with house
made Jam and fruit garnish *GF , vegan options *Almond milk or Soy
sub available.

Egg on Croissant

Local Keller Meats Ranch Ham, Petaluma Cheese, local
Farm fresh eggs, market greens, and house made
crème fraiche all on a buttery croissant. *GF bread
available *Veggie option available

Steel Cut Oats

Steel Cut oats, topped with house made jam, and
fresh fruit. *Dairy Free *GF *Vegan option

Daily Toast

Brioche lightly toasted and topped with house
mixed mascarpone, and beautiful local seasonal
farm fresh fruit, and nuts. *GF bread available.

Tuna Melt

Whole Grain Bread, house mixed tuna salad with red
onion and apple, topped with fresh local tomato and
Petaluma cheese served open face with side salad.
*GF bread available

Salmon Toast 

Cold smoked Blue Circle Icelandic Salmon, house made crème fraiche,

cucumbers, topped with sprouts and  house pickled red onion served with side of greens. 

Savory Tart

Daily Changing Tarts  from Starter bakery served
with market greens and our own vinaigrette!

Kale Super salad

Kale, fresh tomato, farm fresh boiled
egg, shredded carrots, pumpkin
seeds, sunflower seeds , edamame, dried cranberries, served with house
vinaigrette *GF and Vegan option sub egg for extra tomatoes and cucumbers

Protein Add on’s

Add Diced ham, Tuna salad, boiled eggs, cold smoked salmon or avocado(seasonal)
to enhance any order.

Local Pastries

Changing seasonally brought in daily
*Starter Bakery and *GF avb on select days 

Coffee Menu:

*All coffee is single Origin and selections change they
are roasted locally at Roast Co Coffee of Oakland.* all
espresso drinks are double shot.

*All Chocolate beverages are made with local Dandelion Chocolate 
*All Tea is local T-WE Tea Company Tea Blenders

*Soy and House Made Almond milk substitution are avb for a charge
House Coffee
Café Latte
Café au Lait



Frank the Pug n Honey Latte
Nisha’s Charcoal 

Merpeople Matcha *specially blended for only us by Te-We Teas
Nutella Latte

Matcha-Chai *Pirate Chai company Santa Cruz CA.

Golden Turmeric Latte
Hot chocolate* chocolate from SF Dandelion
House made Daily Lemonade
Iced Gurrll Grey Tea
Iced Hibiscus  Tea
Foggy Morning Breakfast Black Tea
SexPot Green Tea
Grumpy Dinosaur 3 mint herbal tea 

Puggy Formation herbal
Cold pressed Orange Juice
Cold pressed Apple Juice


Local San Francisco micro-cafe specializing in mostly local, sustainable, and homemade ingredients.

farm : table