Local San Francisco micro-cafe specializing

in mostly local, sustainable,and homemade ingredients.

farm : table


OUR Kitchen is Tiny & We are working hard!
*Prices change often due to cost of ingredients.
*Items may run out or be subject to product availability.

Menu For Feb 25th

​Egg On croissant $10
Egg, Cheese, Greens and House Creme Fraiche
*add Avocado $3   *add Tomato $2*Add Smoked Salmon $8

East Coast Sandwich $10

Fluffy scrambled Eggs, Cheese, house sauce on a Brioche Bun.
*add Bacon $5, *add Avocado $3  Add Smoked Salmon $8

Hash Brown Sandwich $15
Fluffy Scrambled Eggs, with House Sausage, Cheese, between two 1950’s Hashbrown Patties.

Avocado Toast $16 


Avocado  on 1950's Hash Browns $16

*vegan Option Avb

Topped with  Soft Egg Pickled veggies and served with SIde of Greens

*add Chicken apple Sausage $5, *add Salmon $8 * add Vegan Sausage $5

Pancake $15

Specail Made to order  Raspberry Pancake with Melted Butter &  Maple syrup

Salmon Toast $24


Salmon Hash Browns $24

House Herb Creme Cheese, ​Cold smoked Salmon, Pickeld Red onion & Cucumbers with soft egg served with Greens

Granola & Yogurt $15
House Made Yogurt and Granola with Fruit

Plant Based Wrap $18 *vegan

Roasted VEggies, Field roast sausage, pickeld red onions and House Potatoes